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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 17, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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remains it is not clear who is the are. we are live with the this from investigators. >> police have more sent the bodies of michelle le in fact the and not even identified the body they were milking about a quarter of a mile back that would. this is as far to can go to the area blocked off and then he were police or a fissured guarding the crime scene. the discovery of human remains came 10 days after the police arrested a woman suspected of killing michelle le. this informant years searching for michelle le on saturday found the remains bound to and 30 a.m. to exceed the body is badly decomposed. >> right now we cannot even tell the gender, if it is a male female the body has not been their a short time but has not been there a very long time.
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>> the area this new town offer of interest to a 680. the work please point to the family to share in cash and diphtheria because her cellphone signaled ended in this region. >> is a brush area near the railroad tracks is an area that is now will travel. >> police arrested her former high school classmate on september 7th they said that she killed michelle lee. >> the corners office took off with a human remains about team, they said could take the time to identify in the meantime michelle lee family did not attend anything that the police department for their help. >> fennel 6. the crime wave
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that we have not seen in a single day in a very long time and suspect that this suspect if criminal laws. >> tonight there should from man that is armed and dangerous. this is but he was unable or pri, shooting, carjacking and murder. after the carjacking they went to his home and they found 60 year-old woman. >> in san jose police responded to look haw about a deceased woman. the body was taken to the county coroner and the police continue to investigate the crime scene investigators have learned that the suspect in friday's are margaret, shooting, carjacking and kidnapping
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has ties to the residence here. according to police she was last seen here in south san jose on friday afternoon. witnesses said there was a stroll in the parking lot this sauce suspect carjacking vehicle and then drive off with the woman that own the car. this was thought to be the same man in a shooting earlier that day. the suspect approached a man pumping gas and demanded money this he pulled a look london opened fire. investigators said that there is a connection between the suspect in this residence on north 12th street. it says that he was released from prison on
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parole and he is violating his terms filled there is a warrant for his arrest. >> to people are recovering after 2 san francisco police officers opened fire on a suspect they missed him, and the meat to bystanders this happened about to begin this morning and spotted a man they thought was doing drugs and then said he was one for other crimes as well they chased him this and he was when the current in but did not open fire. the suspect has been booked on weapons charges. >> a beautiful day around the bay in clear skies and california. the storm tracker: open to the pacific
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northwest. now as this close to pacific northwest are not the north winds for the next several days that will keep the farm going to send john warm to pictures a few packages by the bay. woman temperatures as you pull into tomorrow monday and i choose to see some nice reading to getting to the 80's by the bay and ninth in the. i will let you know what to expect for tomorrow and next week coming up. >> at least nine people are dead and dozens of budget are insured after an air race. witnesses are: the pilot hero after his team narrowly dodged hundreds of spectators. we have the latest on this accident.
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witnesses at the airshow said that the casualties could've been worse. and that the fires last-minute actions finlay of. >> i think the punt in the last to second pulled up because he saw the bleach and hold is the he sent a ball two to three other people. i do not mean any disrespect to the injured. and he was going to the bleachers and he pulled up and did what i think was his best job. >> the pilot lost control of his vintage plane during the airshow. he narrowly missed a grant and full of spectators. >> did you the impression that you tried to steer away from the crown?
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>> yes i think so. >> the ntsb is working on identifying what colette crash. >> still has some kron4 news we see the giants could reach seven straight wins against the rockies. and we joined dozens of people working to codify the bay and the front of how the country of amon has attempted to do with the relief of the two american hostages.
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>> will by picking up this trash especially the plastic we're protecting wildlife from eating it we're protecting chemicals from getting into the war. >> saturday morning joined
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to clean up war when cleanup efforts both here and internationally. in conjunction with coastal cleanup day volunteers help to restorer creaks along the bay. the collected trash in an effort that reach many borders. >> the nine are city they call from the hills to the bay. all people in our city are united it is a continuous flow. >> the cool for return--for doing this is true restorer to swell. >> and native plants are being replanted.
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>> as we restore the habitat we haven't and ecology that is better for the quick, clean water and that makes for a cleaner creek. >> and the backs of trasher also collected. >> this is in high droid, colonial animal it can't sponges, plant, and, all kinds of fish the lake is very much alive. >> with even more volunteers organizers expect to move more than 4,000 lbs. of trash that >> to american hikers and pretend and are running to become home. >> in last temperatures today and the '70s and '80s will warm as it tore into tomorrow have your forecast coming up.
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>> and beginning for the american hiker after being freed last year. her first drop came as a surprise to many. but it was not so shocking one to which revealed that they had paid the 500 deaths in dollars and bail money get one her release. begging the question what one of the
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region's most low key countries p involved in such a high stick deal? >> they have such great relationship with i ron, and post revolution it is one of the very few if only leaders of the post american nations which maintain a cordial relationship. >> that makes it any rarity. he has a rule for more than 40 years and most of his neighbors have taken a stand but if consider pragmatic. this is a key shipping lane for the will industry only 18 mi. between both countries maintaining relations is crucial. in santa to be a national trading partner but it cannot offer the help-a
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month. for lunch on the u.s. and someone has a free-trade agreement. some think it is a simple reason analysts wonder if their freedom ultimately reduce the tension between the u.s. and iran. therefore over due to overall picture in the persian gulf. >> perhaps a far from the fact that he wanted to provide a humanitarian gesture by releasing these human but i think it is in his interest to reduce the overall tension in the region by reducing the u.s. to attention. kilpatrick put a >> assault on homeowner involved rather one on earth would they not want the. >> , to run the bay area on the saturday evening here is
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a shot looking over san francisco. piccata depicted --it will see a lot of sunshine this class will begin a summer. here is in the kit we can expect for tomorrow. typically we have seen the fog in the bay. but we have the north wins for the next few gains that will help clear up the fog and make for a lot of sunshine and someone to push for tomorrow look for a few patches of earlier on an otherwise sunny. concord in the east bay valleys is cutting into the low 90s. a beautiful than the beaches.
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highs are pretty nice. we're getting to that time of year with the weather at the beach is pretty nice. it looks like it was dead with for quite awhile. now we're looking at high temperatures for tomorrow. we have '70s but the bay, up 90 in the and warming up a few more degrees from monday. the continued to be one on tuesday. i think that trend will continue for 15 per set maybe even of whinge next weekend. sunny skies in the south bay. a few patches of fog early on by a car crash think that will be out of here.
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>> for the north bay, 80's year low 90s fairfield center phil a high of 83. it will be renascence been really nice weather for next week. fall begins on friday in the meantime look for warm temperatures in the upper '70's and 80's by the bay. mid-90s and then it was the woman even into next weekend. >> the china to five games behind the arizona diamondbacks. tonight they won seven in a row. they defeated conroe rockies. they have 10 games left in the season. the aggies got enough to win. they defeated the tigers' five to three. one son and the will to give the top picture and he will call for his major league meeting, 24 to win.
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saying that the beaches are the place to be it will be warm. >> in his late september and this the time the teams are looking good at the beach. >> it is past time of year. >> absolutely. we should have sunshine most of the day seven to san francisco close to 84 opened in east san jose king to low to mid 90's for the east and valleys. a great late summer day and the nets with a with the crowd for much of this coming week. the next seven days looks pretty good. >> that is it for us tonight everybody see you in the morning.
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